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Life O' Wood Furniture Polish

"The Multi-Surface Polish"


Here are a few direct quotes from our customers:

I am one of your "loyal" customers.  My mother introduced me to Life O Wood years ago when I was a child and she was teaching me the "art" of cleaning.  I am now 66 years old and I must admit that throughout the years I have used other products, but have always gone back to Life O Wood polish.  I am not one who pays much attention to where something is made - although I do prefer American Made Products - but to now find out that this product has been manufactured in my backyard, as I am a North Tonawanda (Wheatfield) resident, just amazes me.  The Western New York area is such a "gemstone" and the rest of the world is missing out!!!  I love your product on my wood kitchen cabinets, all wood furniture, vinyl/leather upholstery, laminate/tile floors, and enamel surfaces.  As you state it cleans and polishes and does not leave a residue.  But I have to tell you the best use I have recently found...we replaced all our kitchen appliances with Stainless Steel appliances about 3 years ago.  All the products the store salesman suggested we use to clean the stainless steel did not work to my satisfaction.  While cleaning with Life O Wood shortly after our purchase, I decided to try your product on the stainless steel - it works beautifully.  I dilute it in water, wipe the surface with the solution, and polish it with a microfiber cloth.  My stainless steel appliances are beautiful from one week to the next.  There is no residue left on the surfaces and they shine and wipe clean all week long. I absolutely love your product.


My mother would only use Life o Wood for as long as I can remember. 'Don't use anything else' she would say.  'You'll ruin the furniture otherwise'.


I always thought I was the only one who found so many uses for it - it's the only furniture polish I've used for some time now.  The others leave a film and just make your furniture slippery, I actually think other polishes make the surfaces attract more dust.  I have a cupboard full of other brands that I've tried over the years but I always come back to my Life O' Wood for the best results.  I recently used it on my living room paneling which is from the 70's and losing some it's gleam, it came back to life absolutely wonderfully! My entire house is full of wood, the kitchen, living room & basement, various chairs.  Thank you so much for making a useful, dependable product.


"I just wanted to let you know I have been using your product for years and I’ve used it on my wood, my furniture and my kitchen cabinets.  I have a stainless steel stove and refrigerator, and granite countertops, and I have had a horrible time finding a cleaner that doesn’t get really greasy and that makes them shine...and that goes for both, both the stainless steel and the granite. And today I decided to use your product.  It is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL for that!!  It’s not greasy; you can put your hand on it without leaving fingerprints on the granite. Afterwards, it’s as shiny as can be.  It’s absolutely fantastic and I thought that maybe you would want to know and maybe sell your product for that because it’s the best; it’s always been the best for the wood. But this is the best, honestly!  Both my granite and my stainless steel, and believe me, I have tried every expensive product out there, and they usually have a greasy base and then when you go to wipe it or touch it, it gets smeared. And this [Life O' Wood] just cleans it and it’s shiny and wonderful, so I just thought I would pass that on to you."

~Heidi -  Amherst, New York

"I just called to tell you Life O' Wood is unbelievable.  I have been married for 52 years and have been a faithful customer of Life O' Wood.  I don't go for those waxy sprays.  I use Life O' Wood on doors, cupboards, and anything else I want.  It leaves a beautiful shine and preserves the wood.  It even takes care of those scratches!  I'll never give it up.  Keep the product on the market!"

~Florence Henel


"Life O’ Wood is my 'secret weapon' that I use in my cleaning business. My clients are amazed on how their home looks.  It works better than any commercial or retail stainless appliance cleaner and their furniture is always awesome looking.  Gets all those messy fingerprints off trim/doors too. Works better than the magic eraser because it doesn't remove the paint. Whatever you do.....don't stop making this product!!!"  

~Norma - Florida  


"Melanie, at 52 years old, I remember my Gramma using this product then down to my Mom. There's a ton of products out there that lay claim to their performance, no disrespect, but Life O' Wood is like comparing Gramma's pierogies  to the Frozen Food aisle one's. I dropped a bottle off to a friend of mine who is a car enthusiast and a neat freak and he's never been the same!!!  Love it!!! "

 ~Keith S. - Buffalo, New York                        


"I am a decorator and Life O' Wood is wonderful on this composite faux marble top that my bathroom sinks are set into.  Regular bathroom products make it dull and it was looking really bad.  I used Life O' Wood and it looks brand new!"

  ~Janice - Orchard Park, NY 



"I was introduced to Life O Wood years ago and was amazed at how it brings old tired  finishes on furniture and frames back to life!  It feeds the wood itself!! Then I discovered how well it works on so many other finishes as well. " 

 ~Catlin - North East, Ohio



“I’ll die without it!”   


“There is no better polish on the market!”


“Nothing else leaves my furniture looking as good as your product.”


“I restored an old table that was stored in my attic for many years with Life O’ Wood.”


"This is the first polish that makes my kitchen floor shine!"


"My daughter will disown me if I do not buy your Life O' Wood."


"My Grandmother wouldn't use anything else on her dining room set."


"Dad swears by it for his antique rocker!"