Uncommon quality.

Pictured above is chemist Leonard Anthony who created Life O' Wood over 100 years ago.

  • How it all started.

    Life O' Wood furniture polish was formulated in 1914 by chemist Leonard Anthony in Buffalo, New York and Instant Products Company, Inc. was established. In the mid 1950s, Harold McDermid, purchased the company and he and his family continued the Life O' Wood tradition for the next 68 years.

  • The Life O' Wood tradition continues.

    In June of 2023, LIFE-O Products, Inc. of Buffalo, New York became the next generation makers of Life O' Wood. Expansion and updates are already in the works, including a larger manufacturing facility, a new bottling line, and additional Life O' Wood branded products.

  • Loving more than your wood.

    Life O' Wood cleans as it polishes and preserves and beautifies all fine surfaces. It works on a variety of surfaces and finishes such as wooden furniture and floors, stainless steel, vinyl tile, leathers, marble, ceramic, enamel, porcelain, granite and more.

  • Hand Crafted Quality

    Every step of our manufacturing has that special “hands on” approach – whether its filling the bottles, labeling the bottles or tightening every cap. No part of the production process goes overlooked.