How to Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

How to Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

As summer quickly approaches, we can’t help but begin thinking about breaking out the summer furniture.

Some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing furniture is made of wood or wicker. Lots of outdoor furniture and garden projects call for using teak, oak, and cedar timber due to their excellent durability and longevity.

However, no matter what type of wood your furniture is made out of, the sun’s rays and summer heat can really put it to the test.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you protect furniture from sun damage. Keep reading to find out how you can maintain both your indoor and outdoor furniture!

Can the Sun Damage Furniture?

The short answer is: Yes. The sun’s powerful UV rays have the ability to fade colors and even permanently damage wood. Depending on the type of timber, UV light can lighten or darken the wood, causing unwanted discoloration.

UV rays are so strong that they can even penetrate through windows and fade or damage furniture that is inside the home.

For this reason, it is important to be mindful of the position of your furniture both inside and outside of the house.

How to Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

Luckily there are a number of ways that you can protect furniture from sun damage. 

Keep Your Furniture Out of the Sun

The first tip is the most straightforward: simply keep your furniture away from the sun. This is the best way to extend the life of your wood and leather furniture.

Consider rearranging the room, if possible, to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. Pay attention to the way the sunlight moves through your windows throughout the day to determine the best position of your furniture. Try to move your more valuable pieces into shaded areas to help reduce the amount of UV exposure your furniture gets.

Install Curtains

An easy solution to protecting your furniture without having to rearrange the entire room is to install blackout curtains.

In order for this strategy to be effective, the curtains must cover the whole window and prevent even the smallest amount of light from coming in. These are a great solution for rooms that you do not use very often, or when you are not at home. Simply close the curtains and know that your furniture will be safe from the harmful effects of UV light.

Plus, blackout curtains can help save energy by keeping warm air in during winter, and cool air during summer.

Put Up Window Film

When curtains aren’t an option, you may want to consider installing window film.

Tinted window film can be easily installed on the inside of your windows and help block out the majority of the sun’s UV rays.

Most window films do not restrict your view to the outside, and some companies even offer a virtual window film simulator so that you can see the different effects of film in your home.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

If you have wooden furniture in the garden or on your patio, take a few extra steps to protect it from various weather conditions.

Consider getting waterproof furniture covers to protect your outdoor furniture from rain or excessive exposure to UV rays while it’s not in use. Outdoor furniture covers come in a variety of different sizes and are relatively easy to put on and take off.

By covering your outdoor furniture when it’s not being used, you’ll be able to keep it looking great all year long.

Nourish the Wood

In addition to protecting your wood furniture from the sun, you’ll also want to nourish it. We recommend using a cleaner that contains no harmful waxes and silicones, like Life O' Wood.

This cleaner contains organic oils which help nourish and preserve your wood, and ultimately return its original shine! It even has the power to reverse damage caused by water rings and UV rays. Using this cleaner will not only restore your wood furniture, but it will also protect it from dryness, humidity and sun fading.

How to Protect Furniture From Sun Damage: Final Thoughts

Although UV rays can damage your furniture, there are steps you can take to protect your furniture from sun damage.

Whether you choose to rearrange your furniture, cover it to protect it from various weather conditions, or install window film, be sure you are nourishing your wood! No amount of protection can help maintain the quality and shine of your wood furniture without a polish and cleaner. Give our Antiques & Restoration polish and cleaner a try to discover the power of our 100-year-old formula that households across America know and love.

Happy Cleaning!


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