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Life O' Wood - 2 Count | 16 oz Bottles

Life O' Wood - 2 Count | 16 oz Bottles

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2 Count | 16 oz Bottles

Life O' Wood cleans as it polishes and preserves and beautifies all fine surfaces. It can be used on almost anything that needs cleaning and polishing without leaving a waxy film like other brand name polishes do.

Life O' Wood works on a variety of surfaces and finishes such as wooden furniture and floors, stainless steel, vinyl tile, leathers, marble, ceramic, enamel, porcelain, granite and more.

There are no harsh chemicals, silicone, or damaging ingredients, only the basic essentials and natural ingredients are used to clean, preserve, restore and beautify.

Proudly manufactured in Buffalo, New York since 1914.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Anne M Rice
NO wax buildup either. LOVE IT


Sue Hilts

Life O' Wood - 2 Count | 16 oz Bottles

Janice Benedek
Great Product

I have been using this product on my cherry kitchen cupboards for over 20 years and they still look awesome. A woman my husband worked with told my husband about Life O Wood and boy she was right. It creates a hard shine, but doesn’t seem to build up. GREAT product b

Geraldine Ditch

Hands down. The VERY BEST WOOD CLEANER made!!!!

Diane Benvenuti

Love your product.